Oreflow is a West Australian based mining equipment supplier, located in the heart of Perth’s industrial area within close proximity to Perth Airport. Oreflow supplies and manufactures a range of most types of mineral processing equipment and has an excellent success rate in meeting or exceeding customers performance expectations. We are one of the leading mining equipment suppliers based in Perth, Australia.

We offer equipment and tools for all kinds of jobs and contracts related to mining and mineral processing industry which varies from abrasion control and capital equipment to material handling. With years of experience and expert knowledge in this field, we have developed the sense of knowing the right equipment for any particular kind of situation. No matter how big the size of the project is, it will not take long for us to evaluate the equipment requirements and provide you with the right quotations, at the right price. We have partnered with the best, such as Brelko, TRIO, Sanwest, Elastomer and many others to offer you the highest quality service and technical support at your budgeted price.

Oreflow is based in the central business district of Perth, Australia. As one of the oldest and most experienced Western Australian mining equipment sales companies, Oreflow prides itself as an industry leader.

Oreflow is a very competitive and modern mining equipment supplier based in Australia and can help with all sizes of mining projects. We have the ability to scale our services depending on the specific project requirements of our customers, earning profits for them and plaudits for ourselves.

Whether your project is a small one, or a humongous, continuous work of mining, we have the experience and expertise at hand to give a suitable and affordable quote regarding what equipment you will need and what their numbers should be.

To enhance our capabilities and strengths, we have partnered with the leading service providers such as Sanwest, Elastomer, Brelko and TRIO among several others. This helps us have an immense knowledge and capabilities at our disposal to provide our customers with at short notice. Our project readiness is incomparable, helping us gain a significant advantage over all our competition.

To extract the minerals from Ores, Oreflow has the best instruments and equipment for optimal extraction. The prime location in close proximity with the airport allows us to be the swift Mining equipment suppliers of choice throughout Australia.

The location of Oreflow in conjunction with the experience, expertise, partnerships, scalability and manufacturing capabilities makes us the prime contractor for mining equipment sales to companies vested in the mining of ores and extraction of minerals from them.

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